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Systematic Digital Asset 
Investment Firm


Our Story

Alphachain Capital was founded by Adam Haeems. Adam began studying Finance at Surrey University before being offered a scholarship to study at Cambridge University on the Master of Finance programme at Judge Business School. After his studies he began his career on the fixed income futures trading desk at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London before moving onto a $1bn global macro hedge fund. His passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies resulted in Adam joining BABB as the Chief Operating Officer, structuring and successfully closing a $20m token sale and a £2.5m equity fund raise, growing the team from 3 to over 40 staff internationally. His experience successfully managing large cryptocurrency portfolios and projects developed into founding Alphachain Capital. 

About Us

The firm will specialise in systematic long/short directional trend-based digital asset trading strategies across cryptocurrency derivative markets. Our tried and tested investment strategies have shown that a robust systematic investment methodology is one of the best ways to trade digital asset markets. Institutional investors will be able to participate in these strategies via a fund structure in the coming months.

About Us
What We Offer



We deploy systematic trading strategies across a wide range of liquid cryptocurrency derivative markets. One of our strengths is the broad exposure we have to the growth of the digital asset space, both on the long and short side.

Proprietary Knowledge

Our team has extensive experience across blockchain start-ups, digital assets, and tier 1 global investment banks. We believe a thorough understanding of the core technology is essential in order to successfully navigate the world of digital assets. Our experience spans global institutions such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Quality Capital Management.


Robustness and Simplicity

We reduce the risk of over-fitting by maintaining simplicity in our investment approach. 

Systematic methodology

Alphachain applies a rules-based systematic approach to trade execution, ensuring consistency and discipline, while reducing behavioural bias and operational risk. 




Our Address

43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 5AP

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